The Solinsky Consulting Team

Working with Hospital Foundations Across Canada

The Solinsky Consulting team provides leadership and experience in all aspects of campaign management. Since 1985, the Solinsky team has helped raise over $250 million for Hospital Foundations and Charitable Organizations across Canada. We have lasting relationships with a core group of trusted partners in our markets, including designers, printers, broadcast production crews, the most important TV and radio stations in your province, newspapers, and digital media outlets.

What sets us apart is our dedication to working closely with the most important team player of all…YOU.

We have never had an unsuccessful lottery and – and we pride ourselves on our results.

The Solinsky Team

Over 35 Years of Experience

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    Keith Solinsky


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  • Profile image of Kolby Solinsky

    Kolby Solinsky

    Marketing Director

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  • Profile image of Kramer Solinsky

    Kramer Solinsky

    Associate Marketing Director

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  • Profile image of Tina Giustino

    Tina Giustino

    Project Manager

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  • Profile image of Tim MacDougall

    Tim MacDougall

    Operations Manager

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How it Works

We work WITH you!

Through three decades of experience, we’ve learned the difference between an ad campaign that’s aggressive or annoying and one that is effective. We know what Media works best in which areas; we know the timing principles which create urgency, and we know how to build excitement and use brand personality.

Proven success matters! Our experience, carefully acquired over the years, provides leadership and knowledge. The combination of our team of creative, dedicated professionals and our mutual commitment to your goals is the right formula to bring you a successful program.


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