The Solinsky Consulting Inc. team provides leadership and experience in all aspects of campaign management. We could tell you the number of mega-lotteries Keith Solinsky has orchestrated in the past 25 years of marketing management but the most recent successes displayed on the following pages can tell more compelling stories in both images and numbers.

Great partnerships can make it or break it! We work closely with those who provide ticket order processing – the on-site ticket sellers, the web transaction processing systems, the phone centre people, the CPA who make sure every buyer and every winner is verified. We have our core group of suppliers appropriate to each media and each market, including printers, broadcast production crews, the local newspapers and media outlets. And we work closely with the most important team player of all – you.

Proven success matters! You and your organization know better than anyone what you hope to achieve – what you need to achieve. The lottery is no more than your needs and your dreams, realized. Let us share our expertise with you. We are proud of the fact that we have raised well over 200 million dollars for hospital and charity foundations to date.