Given enough time, money and patience, someone might be able to figure out this business. In fact, there are some organizations that do it that way. They take on the management of fundraising in house – pulling people away from their regular jobs and dropping them in to sink or swim challenges.

Fortunately, there are far more people who will see that a successful strategy for a mega-fundraising promotion requires commitment and street smarts. That’s us.

Through three decades of experience, we’ve learned the difference between an ad campaign that’s aggressive and one that is not just annoying. We know which Media works best in which areas and the timing principals which create urgency. We know how to build excitement in secondary prizing and when to use brand personality.

Our knowledge, carefully acquired over the years, provides leadership and experience. In combination with our Team of creative, dedicated professionals and with your commitment to your goals, we have the right formula to bring you a successful program.